Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peaches with Buffalo

On my last visit to the Portland Art Museum I was totally captivated by the painting 'Peaches with Buffalo' by Sherrie Wolf. Isn't it amazing? It's even more incredible in person, so I encourage you to go to the Art Museum right now and see it for yourself. Check out all of her amazing paintings here:


(also, I think blogger cropped the picture awkwardly, so please go to her website to view it in it's entirety!)

Also the M.C. Escher exhibit was great too, really surprised me, because usually when I think of Escher I think of mid-90's dorm room posters; but I really loved his early woodcuts depicting the book of Genesis! They were done in a style unlike any I'd ever seen really, but I felt like the plants were rendered in a manner reminiscent of European folk art, and you know how much I love European folk art, (especially Scandinavian and Eastern European varieties)... Anyway, I think folk art must've influenced him a lot for that series and thusly must be why I love it so. . .

I meant this blog entry to be just a short blurb about the Sherrie Wolf painting, but now that I'm ruminating on my visit to the Art Museum, I also want to mention that I always seem to genuinely enjoy the printmaking exhibits in the basement. I think maybe I should take printmaking up, because those basement exhibits are consistently delightful and inspiring for me. The prints of Beth Van Hoesen are on exhibit now, and they are so delicate and sweet, they totally suck you in. I loved the tiny prints of bees; I think they were actual size.

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e said...

i <3 sherrie wolf.

and peaches.