Friday, July 10, 2009

Quality Famous

I love love love John Lennon and Yoko Ono, I think they had this beautiful presence and fun, amazing, creative life. Oh can't you imagine being young and in love and dressing up and playing music and making videos like this:

One thing you may notice is that there are loads of neat famous people in this video! Like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly and Andy Warhol, fellow Beatle George Harrison, and even Phil Spector (sporting a very Portland-ish studded cuff!) Anyway, I was trying to think of our contemporary equivalents for these famous people. As in a fantasy where I could maybe live this same life, here in the present; but who would I choose to make a cameo in my arty video? And I couldn't really come up with anyone, maybe David Lynch? But David Lynch on his own would a very different video make, nes pas? Ok anyway, the point is, all of our famous people lack quality. That is, they are only famous for being good-looking, not for being a true genius at something. This video could not really happen today, or at least, not have the same delightful impact on me personnally. I dunno, maybe you can name some famous recognizable contemporary artist and blow me out of the water. I'm stumped for the time being...

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