Friday, July 10, 2009

I kinda hate your wordy artist statement

AAAAARRRG! I hate artist statements. Every artist statement I've ever read has contained one of the following words/phrases: "Dichotomy" "Inherent" "Explore" and "Human Condition."

Seriously, I hate this stuff so much. People make their artist statements as wordy as possible to the point that they say jack-squat about anything. I'm so tired of Dichotomies being explored; why doesn't someone explore a 'Trichotomy?" or maybe even something like a 'Septchotomy;' that would way more accurately describe what it's like to be a human, or the condition of being human. I'm done with dichotomies, is that some patriarchal binary thinking or what?

Why does art that's supposed to be visual also have to be accompanied by all this wordy jargon? It's so insular to the art community that it borders on total meaninglessness at times (the art and the jargon).

So there!

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