Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jeez, look at that Moon!

The Moon looks really lovely tonight. I had a great time riding my bike back from the grocery store, and I thought, "Man, when I get home, I need to write a blog entry about how much I like riding my bike this time of year." Then the thought struck me that I've written blog entries like this about the spring, summer nights, Christmastime (I like riding around and taking pictures of Christmas lights with my old cameras) and like, as recently as the beginning of September (some cultures view the end of summer/beginning of fall as it's own fifth season!). So I started thinking, is there a time of year that I'm not totally stoked for bike riding? And the answer is "yes", the period of time between when people take down their christmas lights and when the first flowers of spring come up; so like most of January, February, and Some of March, and yeah, dark, cold, rainy nights suck pretty much year round, but right now is pretty awesome! The moon is out, the leaves are full-on gold and orange and yellow and people are making themselves ready for the long nights home with soup and flannel.

Also, someday I'm gonna have to own one of these bikes:

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