Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just checking in

So I think this blog has taken a turn for the weird. I'm not being disparaging here, just acknowledging. I don't picture many people reading it; it's more like a personal journal of songs that I like working out to these days. Sometimes I get excited about things/music videos and I don't know where to put them. Additionally I'm excited about:
  • downsizing my material possessions, except when it comes to kitchen stuff.  I keep going into the kitchen looking for stuff to get rid of and I just can't do it.  In fact, I want more. Specifically one of those perforated sheets for baking baguettes on and an immersion blender.
  • painting bigger paintings
  • improving my figure drawing skills
  • cheese crakers
  • Downton Abbey
  • india ink
  • job hunting
  • 80s surfer slang
  • Reading the book Wives and Daughters
  • Filmusik
  • Judd Hirsch
Okay, hope your Winter is going well!

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