Sunday, September 18, 2011

I kinda miss you!!!

Well, today I remembered that I once had a blog! So I felt like updating it...

If you want a more regular hit, try Twitter!

Here are some things I've been into these days:

Magic Sauce, scrambled into eggs with some Parmesan cheese on top. The recipe for Magic Sauce is on 101 Cookbooks, It's also amazing on noodles!
The Linus 8-Speed Mixte in Sage Green,

I'm going to try to save up and buy it.

Laplander Bags!

I especially love porteur racks, and I love this bag by them that snaps onto one!

I've also been looking into fashionable helmets! They are out there. Yakkay, a Danish company has some great solutions! Also, they sell a little bag that locks up to your bike, so you can lock your helmet up too, all the while it stays dry, and you don't have to carry it around! Brilliant.

And I'm really excited to buy this rain cape by Iva Jean. It's so beautiful! and has so many great built-in features to make riding my bike in the rain less inconvenient.

Notice how NOT UGLY it is? It's kind of spendy, but I've been saving up and should be able to get one next month. I think it is worth every penny, especially since I will probably have to wear it every day.

Obviously I've got bicycling on the brain right now. I'm trying to get pumped to brave another rainy Autumn and Winter by bike.

I'm still looking for some recommendations for gloves... Or glove systems. Waterproof outter shell, wool glove liner? Let me know if you have any suggestions or what you use.

Also, I've been getting up at 5:55 a.m. and going to the gym before work, it has really improved my day. If anyone has any workout app suggestions, please pass them along. I want something on my phone to keep track of my workouts and suggest new workouts. I just hope I can stick to it when it gets dark and crappy out. Walking the dog and hopping on a bike starts to get really hard in late December... However, I have to say I love my new 'Gentle Alarm' app on my phone. Really gets me out of bed (in combination with my simulated dawn alarm, which slowly turns the light on in my room.)

Working on a painting right now that I'm getting pretty jazzed about. I will probably be able to post pictures next month. After this painting though, I'm thinking of heading in a totally new direction. I'm going to play around with a more impressionistic style, and do more figurative stuff. I'm thinking about attending some figure drawing sessions at Hipbone Studio. Next year I will have a whole room for my studio, instead of just a corner of my bedroom, and I'm thinking of switching back to oils too! I'm so excited!

Lastly, I'm considering moving to Los Angeles to be closer to my Dad. Probably not until Spring 2013, at the earliest, but there is so much to take care of, it could be much later than that. Could be a great adventure right? Plus maybe I will find some good gallery representation! Who knows dude.

Hope you're enjoying September. Maybe I will update this again in 2 more years.



Nate said...

I'd totally love to chat gloves with you.

For me, it's all about modularity.

My opinions are too long-winded for me to type on my iPad though.

Vitamin said...

Cool! Hopefully I will run into you soon then! My old gloves are still in play for now. I agree with you on the modularity thing I think...