Friday, August 21, 2009

Nighttime Bike Ride!

Have I written an ode to nighttime bike riding yet? Right now is the perfect time! Not too hot, not too cold, you can smell jasmine and roses and tomatoes and bbq and whatever else is happening in the neighborhood. In fact, I feel like there's been a few times this month where I've smelled something interesting first, then turned a corner and found a block party or a market, or an ice cream truck. . .

There are tons of people out riding their bikes right now in the dark. They are all kinda trying to check each other out, but the light isn't so good on side streets, so it's harder to not be obvious about it.

It's also sort of fun to look into the houses of people who don't close their curtains. You get a random glimpse of some one at a computer in a home office, or watching TV, having a dinner party, or a fight. It's so different than biking around in the day. In the daytime the houses are quiet entities unto themselves, at night it's about the people in the houses.

But despite this, it's much quieter. There are less cars, less stereos blaring, less people running around on the sidewalk. And you are more aware of the air around you and the sound it makes going past your ears; and that's probably my favorite part. . .

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